Needs Help For My Rtg Fin.

Needs Help For My Rtg Fin。Hey All Bro Here。。 Is My Mistake Didnt Pack It In Bag And Thats What The Result。 i Change My Stand To A Bigger Stand。。 And I Catch It Using Nets。 And Thats What Case It To Now How It Looks Like。。 Any Bro Here Willing To Help Me To Solve This Problem? What Medicine Should I Buy To Heal It?。
Heres The Picture I Took Now。

Sorry For The Poor Photo Taking。Needs Help For My Rtg Fin. Aquaculture Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheet

Needs Help For My Rtg Fin. Aquaculture Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheetNeeds Help For My Rtg Fin. Aquaculture Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The3sheet
The last I had that on my RTG, I add a little salt n change water regularly。 It grew back over time
>Noticed u hv a ray。 I am no expert in keeping ray。 Not sure my method works。 Better to wait for all the experts to comment。 Take care
>Bro what happen to your rtg tail ?
>bro I,m not expert in this and I see your rtg tail injure quite serious if for me I will change water regularly and I wont put any medicine and see the tail will grow out naturelly 。。 hope other expert bro can help u in this 。
>i think quite hard to recover as the hard part of the tail is gone from the flesh。
>Remove the dangling part first and see how it grow bk。。。。no longer possible to go bk original but with continuos ops, ut can help abit
>bro as wat mode says remove the dangling part and it will grow
but it will not grow to the perfect shape as it is before。 you need to have countinues ops bro。
fingers cross。。 all the best bro
>Thats very unfortunate。 The tear is too close to the body, like the rest say,home aquarium fish tank will grow but not to ots original state。
What happened ? It jump out of the tank ?
>Cut it away bro
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