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Hi there,flowerhorn for sale i would like to ask that why my golden crossback AROWANA dont eat at all in this 2 days? Previously it is still hungry even if i feed it twice a day。 But in this 2 days,small fish aquariums for sale it does not eat at all。 Anyone know why? Looking for some advice, thank you
PH lower than 5 or higher than 7 Aro will not eat, do a check。
>Did you add new fish in there。

small fish aquariums for saleMy Crossbac Aquaculture Forumsmall fish aquariums for saleMy Crossback Golden Arowana dont eat at allsmall fish aquariums for saleMy Crossback golden arowana dont eat at all


can anyone tell me how to define arowana

Sharing my simple filtration system

Robin Arowana Farm039;s Collection[3]

The Art of MerLion Arowana

This Asian Dragonfish Costs More Than Your Lamborghini And it has its own plastic surgeon.

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