My florida gar - Short nose????

My florida gar - Short nose????Hi All,
Sharing my 13"; florida gar。 Not sure if it is a short nose gar, as the nose is about 1。5"; long only。。。
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Nice gar bro。。
>Originally Posted by CalvinL Nice gar bro。。 Thks bro。 On second look,Red AROWANA kinda find the gars snout seems to be slightly shorter than a normal florida gar。 But slightly longer than my previous short nose gar leh。。。 I would say it is a nice quality gar that I am proud of。 Many thks to a good friend who is willing to let me have it FOC。。。。。
>My sincere thks to bro CavinL for your nice comment。 As giving up hobby soon, will be good to discontinue the thread。 Mod, kindly close the thread and appreciate it。 Thks AFT。


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