First time keeping arowana

First time keeping AROWANAFirst time keeping arowanaHi all,scorpion fish sting got this aro from my uncle who does not have time to take care, got some dropped scales/torn fins/slight DE on one side and it looks abit stunted to me but i still like it very much。 Not sure of the breed so hope you guys can help me identify too。 Last time mainly keep polys and now keen to learn to keep aro。 Any comments are welcome。
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Video taken after 30mins after i release into 422 tank。 Aro size is around 12-13"; by my rough estimation
Very nice comm bro
Hope ur aro grows its scale fast。
>dont think its stunt by the look of the size bro n look xb to me。。
>nice fish。 fins and scales will grow back in time, keep the water in gud condition。
and enjoy keeping aro =)
thanks for sharing
>Cnfrm xb bro
>how old the xback
>gt clearer pic? LOL
>Bro i think it need a bigger tank LOl

First time keeping arowana Aquaculture Forum ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheet>Cool! How old is it and size?
>Look old but it is a XB。 Hope under your TLC will groom it better
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