Sharing AK 7575

Sharing my red from Arokingdom。。。
Nice red with solid finage bro。

Help you
>Nice ak7575
Very active
Any tankmates
>look gd n nice
>Originally Posted by New2aro Nice ak7575
Very active
Any tankmates Thx Bro。。。not intention for tankmates at the moment as I see the fish happily swimming
Originally Posted by castrol look gd n nice Thx Mod
Originally Posted by spawn Nice red with solid finage bro。
Thx Bro spawn for the help,how much does an AROWANA cost appreciated
Help you
>Nice red bro
>SOLID pc! So young already one patch there! All the best for your grooming bro!
>another quality red from AK。 Love the colour development on the gill patch!
>Nice Red,Sharing AK 7575Which red arowana is it? I like the gills its full red
>look so elegant。。 nice red u have bro
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How offen and minimum days we need to do

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