Sea Snake attempts to eat an eel....

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Oceans - Crab vs。 Shrimp

Sea Snake attempts to eat an eel.... AROWANA Forum Peacock Mantis Shrimp kills Blue-ringed Octopus
>1st time see moray eel almost kanna prey upon。 Luckily it managed to escape。 Wah。。 feed blue ring to mantis shrimps。
>wow thanks for sharing 。。 really interesting。
>the moray must have been immmobilised by the poison of the snake at first。 Ambitious snake。
>蛇;吞;象; 。;。;。; 10 char
>What is 10 char?
>Originally Posted by Terence_heng What is 10 char? to make it 10 char and more。。。 if not cannot post。
>Saw on animal planet,Aquarium moray eel is one of sea snake fav food。
really?? There are so many type of moray eels。。。 im sure those smaller type will be the right size for sea snake。。。 but a 3m giant moray eel will need a python to eat it。
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