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HD 3D TV set 。。。。。。。。。You might see fish swimming around your dining room!!!! HD 3D TV set 。。。。。。。。。 AROWANAclub Canada You might see fish swimming around your dining room!!!! I broke my turtle tank (80g) in the basement the other day。 I had goldfish swimming in my basement for a while until I could transfer them (20+) and the turtle to a nearby 50g! I only lost 1 goldfish (feeder) so I guess I did okay。 Thats 3D enough for me。 lol I dunno 3d tv sounds like a waste of alot of money right now considering what you can get with plasma and bluray。 Plus I dont want to put on some damn glasses every time I want to watch something cool。 i like 3d but i dont think id be able to watch that all the time。 lol。 too dizzy! just wait on 3d tv,SUPER RED AROWANA sony and friends are rushing out their models that need the glasses, however toshiba has a system that works without the glasses, coming later this year。 At 200-250 bucks per pair of glasses to watch it and no 3d channels, I think its a big ripoff at this point in time?


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Urgent. Aro behaving weirdly

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my RTG tail falling off =(

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