how to sell pictures of goliath tigerfis

ok so if you have a crossback but certificate show rtg how will u sell ur fish? will u sell it by certificate that shows rtg or by looking of the fish crossback? this has been on my mind for sometimes just wanna know from the bros here thank u
Guess you would have to sell as what the cert says and also at the price of an rtg which maybe lower than a XB depends on its grade。
You wont be able to sell at a higher price and claims that it is a XB and yet its cert doesnt match。
Interesting question。 Are there a lot of such problems/questions at your country? Seems like there is no such issues in Singapore。

how to sell pictures of goliath tigerfis AROWANA Forum>You can try to go back to the place where you had bought it and talk to them see they ask the farm to re certify。meyataquariumhow to sell pictures of goliath TIGERFISHan AROWANAhow to sell pictures of goliath tigerfishan arowana


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