Aro becomes aggressive!

Eversince i started using QH miracle lighting for gold, my aro has become very agressive。 Its been attacking my PB constantly。 My PB now dun even dare to swim around ,Aro becomes aggressive! it keep hiding at one corner beside the filter。
Do you guys think its got to do with the new lighting?
Dont think it is caused by the light。 Very simple,Aro becomes aggressive! remove lights if attacks persists then u know it is not the lights。 Aro is territorial and may be trying to establish its domain and will attack anyone who comes into its boundary。 Who were introduce in the tank first?
I had this experience once, pb and aro living peacefully, however as the pb grows and get bigger, aro starts to attack it and I see it that the aro sees the pb as a threat,Red AROWANA as a competitor for food and space。 When I introduce another smaller pb, it leaves it alone。
Uses a wavemaker increases water circulation may help。 Add other tankmates may help too to remove its focus。 Cheers。
>Maybe your tank size is too small or the reflection are making the PBs glowing that make the aro attack frequenlly。 Or try add more fish to make some decoy for the aro so it wont attack on 1 fish。
>Just to add on, mine is a 422 tank。 There are other fishes - 2 parrots and 1 gar。 But aro only attack pb。 Maybe like what bro Alphlax said, pb glows under the new lighting。
>What is your aro diet?
>My aro is on 100% mp?


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