chinese lucky fish nameTempting Arowanas


anyone went c328 last night saw a few men looking seriously at aros。
saw 2 nice hbrtg C328 last night $7++,Aquariumchinese lucky fish name quite tempting 1。
Fairly nice level 5 shines hbrtg。。。
price reasonable。。。
bro next time pls dun put in the price 。。
>got any pieces from that batch? got myself 1 pic from that batch, shine almost 5th lvl cleared nice deal!

chinese lucky fish nameTempting Arowanas AROWANA Forumchinese lucky fish nameTempting Arowanas seen around Singapore


Fish Tank Setup

April 2009 Panda shipment

WTShare my 3 plecos

kind soul pls help . king kong parrot dy

Albino Koala


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