Overseas Purchasing Services for Hobbyis

Overseas Purchasing Services for HobbyistsOverseas Purchasing Services for HobbyistsDear Hobbyist,
Have you ever seen a fish you like to purchase during your overseas travels?

Overseas Purchasing Services for Hobbyis AROWANA Forum Are you intrigued by Wild Discus, Apistos, Plecos or other exotic fishes on an overseas website, Facebook and will like to bring it back to Singapore?
If the answer is yes, let us help you!
Due to the growing trend and convenience of the internet, there is a growing number of hobbyists who are buying fishes from overseas suppliers directly。
In order to cater to the growing demand of our valued customers, we are now offering to help hobbyists to ship in fishes and to quarantine them in our quarantine facility for a fee。
You can simply purchase it and drop it off/get it delivered to our partners shop in the country of choice whereby it will be shipped to you。
We have partners in Hong Kong, Taipei,aclu STINGRAY Bangkok, Guangzhou, Vietnam and South America which are strategically located in the heart of the respective countrys LFS hub/ Fish Street etc for the convenience of our valued customers。
Kindly contact Fiona at 81610007 for more information。
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