Arowanas scale injury and Fungus?

1 of my tanks divider fell , and 1 of my small reds foought with another,largest tiger fish i noticed his scales have scratches , and Im worried it might become infected。
how shouldi treat it and prevent fungus?
i dosed the tank with 1 tablespoon of slat per 10 gal, also added some melafix。
should have medicated 3 -4 days ago as they got into a fight about a week ago。
noticed he seems to feel itch or discomfort in his body

any advice? should i increase tank temp?
put a little bit of salt and temp 30-31 should b fine。 have you consider to put wave maker?
>Originally Posted by Shaiful Samudra put a little bit of salt and temp 30-31 should b fine。 have you consider to put wave maker? Thnaks bro I just added a stronger aerator。 the 2 aros are separated, but divider just fell , so they were able to fiight。 Im growing them out to bigger size so i can comm them with my bigger aros
>No cause of alarm since the aros scale only got some scratches。 Juz maintain gd water condition and on heater it will recover in no time。。。
>Bro squid
If any injury that is only on outer surface just need to add a bit of black water n maintain gd water condition will do the job。
If still worry just a little bit if yellow powder can do 。
>thanks Really appreciate tips from Bros here
>talking abt scale my fish also scale of one of the top scale。。。 lol
>Hi Bro Squid,Arowanas scale injury and Fungus?
";Turn off your filter pump when you are medicating your AROWANA";!
So! if you are using medication, turn off your filter pump! Put in air stones to aerate the water。 When the medication cycle is completed, start doing regular water changes if you are not already doing it to get rid of most of the medication。 Remember that regular water change must be done and is usually the cure for many diseases。 Same time please Warm the water by increasing by 2°C to 3°C in temperature and adding air-pumps to increase the oxygen level in the aquarium。
Hope may help your Aros。
>Originally Posted by Jasper Ho ";Turn off your filter pump when you are medicating your Arowana";! Good point!
bro squid, anyway for your situation i dont think medication is necessary as its minor, just add salt and turn on the heater plus more regular wc will do。
>Hey dude。。 Dont worry。 Urs doesnt seem too serious。 Melafix does help but there is no need to dose it yet。 I agree with the rest of the bros by adding salt should do the trick。 I did some searches to where melafix would harm the bb in your filter and found out that it should not。 What does kill ur bb is those antibiotics - eg yellow powder。 Melafix is a natural tree extract that should be safe for use with ur filter running。 Senior bros, pls correct me if I am wrong。。

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