My XB comm


From these
To these
Feeding time
Solid comm。 Very SWEE。
How many pc comm?
>Originally Posted by blur Solid comm。 Very SWEE。
How many pc comm? Thank you its 10pcs comm
>Hi Bro Bozz,Red AROWANA
Thanks for sharing。 Wow。。10 Aros in a comm。。heavy investment。 I just started my comm Tank yesterday 090711,My XB commMy XB comm
Hope we can share info on keeping comm Tank。
Cheers! Look forward on more update from you soon。
>another deep pocket bro。。。
>powerful collection。。。 clean fgt and clear water
>deep pocket u have bro。 can see the shine a such small size already
>thanks bros here an update of these babies
>Wow, very nice XB。。。GH?
>Thanks bro there is 2 pcs without just lines
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Ideal location for filter outlets in my


My mini tank setup for seahorse

Aros for sale in the Netherlands

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