Mini baterial house vs CR

Can bros advise whats the difference of these 2? Do they serve different purpose? These look alike to me only different in sizes lol。。。
Which is more recommended to use?

Mini baterial house vs CR AROWANA Forum==comments==
To me they are still medias。 Media = place where bb cultivates。 See ur budget
>I will look at the surface area and cost。
>So these serve same purpose? Only dollar and cent matter?
>yes it is for bb。 it is more for the surface area and cost。
>Ok bro, since serve same purpose should go for cheap cheap type Thanks
>As all bros have mention the medias serves the same purpose, difference is the surface area。 But if you can afford better quality media dun save on it。
When your fishes start to grow bigger or you add new pieces to your Aquarium your bioload is going to increase, this is when you will really see the difference betwn cheap media vs quality media。
>I find bio home surface area is worth the price。 infact it can be cheaper than others。
>hi bros
i always used cheapo china brands CR one big bag $3-5 only
but seriously i think a more x media like seachem matrix, bio-home,SUPER RED AROWANA motartaroo rods does make some difference。。。。
>For budget goers, u can try Mr Aqua CR - S size。 Gd。
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