Two baggage handlers stole jewellery fro

Two baggage handlers stole jewellery from check-in luggage
Posted! 25 November 2011 0000 hrs
SINGAPORE! Police have arrested two baggage handlers for a series of theft of jewellery from the check-in baggage of passengers at Changi Airports Budget Terminal。
Airport Police conducted a probe in September after receiving several reports from passengers that their jewellery had been stolen from their check-in baggage at the Budget Terminal。
After extensive investigations, it was established that one of the baggage handlers at the terminal was responsible for the theft。
Checks were then made at various pawnshops,Two baggage handlers stole jewellery from check-in luggage leading to the discovery that the said baggage handler had been pawning jewellery at these pawnshops。
On 23 November,SUPER RED AROWANA the Airport Police conducted an operation and arrested the said baggage handler。
Investigations revealed that another baggage handler was also involved in the thefts and he was arrested subsequently。
The stolen jewellery were recovered and seized for investigations。
The two suspects will be charged in court。
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Two baggage handlers stole jewellery fro AROWANA Forum


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