something that i found in the web

the following link was showing a Powered Trickle Filter as it stated, wondering this setup was being used by anyone in local before。

sadly i unable to see the youtube video due to company block the system。
this setup look like for FGT or pond。 correct me if i am wrong。
any thought?

something that i found in the web AROWANA Forum==comments==
for pond usages。。。or fgt。。。normal tanks no need la。
>Originally Posted by castrol for pond usages。。。or fgt。。。normal tanks no need la。 yea。。 maybe can make a DIY to look like this。 hehehe
>I honestly do not see how this kind of filter is better than the conventional trickle system that we commonly use。。。。。。
>This type of filter is more suited towards pond or commercial usage。 Home tanks or fgt no need this kind of filter。 Just would be a waste of space and money to invest in such a filter for a 5x2x2 tank or bigger。 Even the flowrate would be too great for our tanks。
>hehe。。 maybe can modify it to a smaller version? LOL
>wah simi pattern also got
like extreme to setup as such for TANKS leh。。。。。。something that i found in the websomething that i found in the webfish farm assistant


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