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Hello, I am looking for simese Tiger fish in the GTA。。。 can someone help? looking for Simese Tiger Fish- indo AROWANAclub Canada Hello,looking for Simese Tiger Fish- indo I am looking for simese Tiger fish in the GTA。。。 can someone help? good luck finding some Yes they will be hard to find and if you can be prepared to spend big $。 I will be looking for some in the future as well。 I found some at Kenndy and Steel - Luckys ( but they do not look so hot)。 They want $ 50 buck each。 Guys he said Indos。 The ones at luckys are over priced talk him down I would not pay more than 20-25- each 2-3 just not worth it。 thought it was ST(widebar) he was lookin for。 Indos can be found easily。 I dont know why,cheap reptile food but over here in Montreal, Indos are pretty easy to find, and pretty much cheaper than in the GTA。。。 The cheapest I found around here was 2 NTTs for 40$。。。 Over here you can find Indos at Big Als for around 35$, or in smaller shops for around the same price (but without the taxes)。 I am in Thailand and Cambodia for most of May and June。 I will see what I can find。。。 Thanks。。 Cirrus。。。 I will look around at the LFS in Toronto。 I am sure。。。。 I can find Indo Tigers。 Luckys 25 each 2-3 any ST available in the GTA。。。 any new shipping please let me know。 I am looking for 5 ST Datnoids。 Hard to come by now, as Thailand now bans the export of STs!

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