Lorry rolls backwards without driver ins

Lorry rolls backwards without driver inside and runs over pedestrianA woman crossing the road was run over by a lorry that was rolling backwards without its driver inside yesterday evening, Jan 20, at Jalan Tiong towards Lengkok Bahru Road。
the lorry had apparently rolled over backwards with an absent driver, and a pedestrian happened to be crossing the road behind it。
It happened in front of Dr Steven Clinic。 The doctor and nurses rushed to help the injured woman while waiting for the ambulance to arrive,Pikonni which took about 15 to 20 minutes。
Police said they received a call at 6!14p。m。 requesting assistance。 The female pedestrian was conveyed conscious to Alexandra hospital。
Police investigations are still ongoing。

Lorry rolls backwards without driver ins AROWANA Forumshit man。。。 really unlucky for the women。。hope she is speedy recover?


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