width of tank to keep a adult kelberi?

is a 2ft width tank good enough to keep a adult kelberi?
Ideally I would think as wide as possible as the turning radius of a peacock bass is not as flexible as an arowana。 Thus should require a wider tank width。
What do you guys think is the minimum?

>I have my kelberi in a 30"; wide but my xingus are in a 24"; wide。 Both seem happy。
>Thanks for sharing。 The reason iam asking bcos iam getting a tank for my kel。 Hope to get some feedbacks。
>the bigger tank the better
>2 feet width is fine until its really big。 Still feel 2。5 feet width is better。
>Thanks for the feedbacks。 Measured my main door and 2。5ft width cannot go through。 Sianz。

width of tank to keep a adult kelberi? Aquaculture Forumis a tiger a carnivorewidth of tank to keep a adult kelberi?width of tank to keep a adult kelberi?


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