my new dorado

newly bought
Nice catch bro。。
>can i know how big si it n where u got it

>Nice catch bro, pump up the fellow。 Dorado is quite easy to train on feeding MP and pellets,corvette stingray interior avoid feeders to prevent parasites and cost cutting。
>Bro any of you know how much normally a small payara will cost? as in 5-6";
>V nice! I have always like Dorado, hope one day can keep a small school。。。。
>Nice catch! Looks fierce
>wow bro very active good catch

my new dorado AROWANA Forum>nice catch。。 no other tankmates (besides feeder )?
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Why my pleco and Cory dying one by one?

Sharing my new catch!

How to grow-out young juvenile arowana?

30 Aug 2010 - Goldfish Com


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