2ft tank predatory fish

Guys, jus wondering,2ft tank predatory fish what kinda predatory fish can i keep in a 2ft tank? Thinking of resetting my comm due to overwhelming bioload。。。
Like no predatory fishes can bro cos usually they are huge fishes

>U might be able to keep those baby monster fishes for a while in yr 2ft tank but u will eventually have to put them in a big tank as most monster fishes will definitely reach sizes in access of 2ft。 Not forgetting some species will grow up pretty quickly。
>Agreed with the bros here。 Juvenile monsters can be kept
in a 2ft but not for long you got to upgrade。 Perhaps you can try gulper catfish? Their growth is slow haha。

2ft tank predatory fish Aquaculture Forum>Bro 2ft tank like too small to keep monster。。why nt get a 4ft! ^^
>I think there are some dwarf snakehead may suit the tanks。 Such as Channa bleheri
Channa burmanica
Channa gachua
Channa harcourtbutleri
Channa orientalis
Channa stewartii。 Snakehead are awesome predators。 Maybe some shifu can come in and give more insight。
>If u want to reset,2ft tank predatory fish restart with a bigger setup if space and budget permits。 Then u will have more options what to keep。。
>Acestrorhynchus Falcatus
>Rainbow Wolf Fish,Sumatran tiger status Erythrinus Erythrinus。
>Electric catfish some breeds of Bichir。
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