does an arowana lose its appetite and eat less when it gets old appetite Arowanaclub Canada does an arowana lose its appetite and eat less when it gets old Some aros do some dont。 It depend on the temperature of the tank。 Sometimes my aro will stop eating for days and would not even bother eating feeder fish。 This actually just happend to me within the past month and a half。 All my Reds would not eat for no apparent reason。 My water parameters have been the same all through out keeping them, and all are in different tanks。 My RTG did it when he was about 9-10"; long but he is eating now very often。 Its just a stage they go through I dont know if it has to do with Growth or when they start to change in color。 Just let them be and offer food after several days and if he still does not eat then wait another several days and try feeding the aro again。 Repeat this until he does take food。 The Aros will get hungry sooner or later。 Just be patient。 Our 27"; RTG just stopped eating,top aquarium in usa but I am not too worried,appetite then have been know to fast for a few days and start eating again like nothing happend。 well my temp is about 80 degrees always and my water has been the same since the beginning when i got him,appetite hes not stopped entirely but just eating small meals。 I only feed once a day but now i am trying a variety of foods。。。maybe this will help Some people would add salt to the water or S7 or something to stimulate the appetite。 Probably best to just wait it out。 Soon it will be eating normal again。 forgot to add that i do put in salt every water change aswell。。。i hope it will get better。

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