my motoros!!

Just thought id share a pic with you guys of my 2 motoros!!
my motoros!! Arowanaclub Canada
Just thought id share a pic with you guys of my 2 motoros!!

Nice rays! Do they like the Hikari Massivore Delite?
that light one is very cool!

my motoros!! Aquaculture Forumthanks,stingray earrings yes they love the massivore delite!! The little dark one, i got yesterday and today hes a little lighter in color too。。。。
The bigger one ive had maybe about 8-9 months and grown really fast!!
nice rays! planning on getting other types!?
yes i am, but i need a new tank first!! Im on the hunt for one right now。 The one i have now is only 6ft x 18"; wide。。。。 im looking for a 6ft x 36"; wide。。。。probably acrylic as it seems the way to go with rays。。。。。 as soon as i get the new tank i definately want to get some other rays。。。。 the bigger motoro was my first ray and my wife loves rays as well!!!
brian said!
Nice rays the addiction has only begun。my motoros!!


Sharing the survivor

bd kena bitten

My monster baby stingray namecat

Sharing my ranchu tank :)

red scarlet discusSpring 2014 Discus Shi

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