Feeding frequency

My aro with me about 9mth。 Its now about 12 inch。
Recently I observe thaf it looked hungry everyday。 So I feed her on everyday。 It takes 4 -5 MP a day。
On weekends when I m free, I will fwed her twice, each time 3-4 MP。

Feeding frequency AROWANA Forum M I overfeeding her? Any advice? PLEASE
Twice a day with about 4 mp each is fine。
>Not an issue, it means your tank water is aged, fully cycled。 Maintain it do WC 20% maximum。 Some Aros are great eaters so its time to pump to Sumo, feed each time till it stops。 My Red 10"; can eat 8 SW each meal, otherwise 3 each but 5 times a day。 See my latest update。PikonniFeeding frequency


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