Rays outdoor ok?

Am currently keeping rays in tank, indoor。
Thinking of placing them outdoor。
Can they take the condition outdoor, such as the coldness in the dawn hours and hot sun during noon?
Is cement tank with front glass acceptable? I have only a pair of pubs abt 6 to 7"; now。
Will the size of 6x2x2 be sufficient?
Please advise and comment, thank you
Outdoor is ok, at wild they are more worst, need to find food。 Goes for bigger tank size if possible。 So can keep more fishes there。 Cheers。。。。。
>Thank you for advise。 Are you doing similar outdoor with rays?
Appreciate sharing more details。 I need info to help me along the way,arowana once again thanks for taking the time to comment。
Hear from you and all。
>Yes。 I keep in fiberglass tank outdoor。 Rain or shine no problem to them。 They even breeding when rain。 Maybe got new water added in。 Hehe。。。?

Rays outdoor ok? AROWANA ForumRays outdoor ok?


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