sharing my comm

sharing videos of my current comm which is abt 2 mths。
two of the ranchus r adopted at nkfarm frm boss steven。
thx you all。

>Good start bro, try to provide more regular feeding instead of one or two heavy feeding。
Your goldfishes look skinny but nevertheless is a good start to own them as pet,what do arowana fish eat shower them with your TLC。
Feed them sinking pellets, try to read through most of our forum discussion, it will help you to have better understanding and motivation in goldfish keeping journey, cheers。
>update of my collection。
>update of my comm。
its a video click to view。
kindly leave ur comments。
thx all。
>Nice updates bro, they are doing well under your TLC, good job
>latest update
sorry for the bad angle
will take another video n post it up again tmr!
click to view
thx all!

sharing my comm Aquaculture Forum>Cant see anything bro, is there a problem in downloading the photobucket?
>sry all。
here it is!
>Orandas look cute bro especially the calico。
Your tank seem to deep for ranchu, this may cause some bladder problem in long run。
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