hharrison fish farmelp?:D kelberi monoculus

hi guys!
ive been starting to keep cichlas lately! and they are really poisonous!!
haha as of now i only have 2pcs orinocensis

hharrison fish farmelp?:D kelberi  monoculus AROWANA Forum planning to get an kelberi
can you help me how to id kelbs?
around 4";
cos monoculus and kelberis are looking almost the same especially when youung
thanks hope you can post some photos
Anal fin that have Spangles are kel while mono do not have them
>Thanks alot bro。
Anyone can share photos!Aquarium【asian arowana tank】,hharrison fish farmelp?:D kelberi monoculushharrison fish farmelp?:D kelberi monoculus


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