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Novice consideration

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Information summary:  Novice considerationNitrated bacteria, a familiar and unfamiliar noun.During our daily fish, the water of the water will often mention one word.What kind of t...., african用a还是an, golden globes, Tall breeding coneused fish tanks for sa, one fish.Novice consideration

  Novice considerationNitrated bacteria, a familiar and unfamiliar noun.During our daily fish, the water of the water will often mention one word.What kind of thing is nitrifying bacteria, what is helpful to us daily fish. Three must do nitrate bacteria like anything. Three major features of nitrifying bacteria: do not like light; like oxygen; like porous objects. Dont like light, nitrifying bacteria dont like light, in fact, nitrifying bacteria is not a light, but I dont like the "UV Spectral" in the sunshine, and everyone knows. The first thing you have to do is: Anti-light. I like oxygen nitrification bacteria is a good oxygen, the more oxygen, the more happy, the mood is good, naturally it will change two, two changes, four changes, the number is increasing. The second piece must do what you must do is to place an oxygenated air head under your fish tank filter. It is a creature that likes porous and multi-faced nitrifying bacteria without wandering, they are creatures on the filter. Place the filter material as much as possible in the fish tank filter.If your fish tank does not have a bin, install a filter tank or aqueous pendulum filter. In short, as long as the filter material is not higher than the water, it will be better. Three dont do any chaotic drugs, two kinds of fish drugs cannot be used free: one is disinfectant, the other is antibiotics. To prevent fish disease, or treat fish disease, put medicine in the fish tank.But you must have a clear heart, these medicines will harm nitrate bacteria.Even if it will not die, a part is also lost. It is best to isolate treatment. The filter material is cleaned here, and the filter material refers to the biochemical filter material, does not refer to the physical filter. This is very understood, the filter material is a happy nest of nitrification bacteria. You dont have to clean the filter, that is, the nitrification bacteria is turned away. In fact, if you dont have to clean, you will divide your filter materials into four aliquots, clean a week. Ignore the importance of physical filtering materials Each fish tank is composed of physical filtration and biochemical filtration. Physical filtration refers to the white cotton or magic carpet in the fish tank. If you dont have physical filtering, fish and food residue will arrive on the biochemical filter material, which will cause the biochemical filter material to make no more porous multiple.It will be meaningless.

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