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Dongguan large-scale aquarium engineering design and production aquarium production and installation

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Information summary:  Dongguan large-scale aquarium engineering design and production aquarium production and installationWhether it is cultivating aquatic plants or raising tropic...., distribution, along with, list of prod.Dongguan large-scale aquarium engineering design and production aquarium production and installation

  Dongguan large-scale aquarium engineering design and production aquarium production and installationWhether it is cultivating aquatic plants or raising tropical fish, water quality conditioning is very important. If the aquarium wants to have fewer tropical fishes, it is necessary to have a good water quality.Yes, it needs to be adjusted according to local water quality conditions in order to obtain it.Chlorine removal is required during the process of raising water in large fish tanks.Since now, the water used by the aquarium in large fish tanks is tap water, and the secondary water will use chlorine due to its own needs for disinfection.Chlorine in the water is abundant, and this environment is considered a relatively clean environment, which is conducive to the life and growth of fish.It is necessary to inject oxygen before the large fish tank is put into use.Oxygen in the water is generally lacking, especially after stocking fish, you should turn on the air pump and oxygenation equipment to add oxygen to the water in the large fish tank.The oxygen equipment is closed to prevent fish from frequent activities in the water, and the oxygen consumption is large, resulting in the onset of hypoxia.Before the large-scale fish tank is officially put into use, a trial operation is required.This process is very critical. It is necessary to use the fish in the tank, and then put in the yellow powder bath disinfection process before putting it in the large fish tank, and then put it in the side of the large fish tank.Too.

  Most aquatic plants and some tropical fish in the Ocean Pavilion prefer slightly acidic water, and the tap water is neutral to slightly alkaline. The use of PH lowering agents can lower the pH of the water. High-quality PH lowering agents have good buffering properties, which isIt should be noted that when the water in the aquarium is adjusted well, it should be noted that when adjusting the pH, it must not be in place at one time. It must be adjusted step by step. Adjust it once a day or every other day.Changes can cause damage to water plants and tropical fish.

  "Yarui Ocean" is good at creating large-scale aquarium projects, paddling fields, hot springs, swimming pools and other projects.Especially in the marine culture theme project, the aquarium, aquarium, indoor large-scale display aquarium, aquaculture facilities, etc. have mature experience and good performance.It is unique in the field of aquarium display in terms of project investment planning, planning architectural design, interior and exterior decoration design, aquarium life support system design and construction, underwater imitation of natural ecological environment design and construction, and art sculpture.Yarui Ocean has conducted the design and construction of large-scale display fish tanks or seafood storage ponds for many domestic seafood restaurants, star hotels, office buildings, office spaces, clubs, etc.Won the unanimous praise of customers.Yarui Oceans rich seafood pond design and production experience and innovative design concepts, first-class technical workmanship, beautiful visual enjoyment, unique taste and connotation enjoy a broad market reputation.

  The construction of the Ocean Pavilion has a special existence than the general house construction. It is not as simple as the factors considered by the general house construction.The construction of the aquarium is more considered in the maintenance system and circulation equipment.It is mainly reflected in the exhibits and the technology and equipment for maintaining the exhibits.Secondly, most of the ground floor of the aquarium is occupied by water bodies, such as performance pool, swimming pool, shark pool, whale poolMaintenance pools, storage tanks, fire-fighting pools, etc., and the cleanliness, temperature, depth and composition (mainly the difference between sea water and fresh water) required by various parts of water bodies are very different, so the huge machinery and electrical systems for water treatment, Constitute the main body of the aquarium equipment and technology.A large part of the space of the aquarium building is occupied by equipment (about 10% of the total construction area).In addition to the power distribution, cooling, fire fighting, ventilation, lighting and other systems required by general buildings, the more important equipment systems are water treatment systems (including life-support systems).

  We are between practice and ideal, the balance of the project, the goal of the subsequent achievements: the aquarium has complete functions, reasonable structure, bold shape without losing the architectural personality, meeting environmental constraints and meeting the overall requirements of equipment technology; the design text is rich and detailed analysis, Strong technicality and systematic theory.Due to the small restrictions, the lack of results is that due to the constraints of the short construction budget, the cost control, economic benefits, construction technology and other aspects are not considered enough.And each ocean park has its own characteristics. For example, Chongqing Ocean Park has set up high-level slides, rafting slides, spiral slides, high-speed slides, imitation beaches, artificial waves, lazy rivers, childrens paddling pools, paddling pools,Swimming exercise pool, diving pool, and a number of land childrens amusement parks.There are music teahouses, flavor snacks, themed fast food, etc.; the aquarium can provide tourists with a real marine environment; the recreational activities of the marine world are fully integrated with the worlds ancient classic culture, from Angkor culture, ancient Egyptian culture, the Royal YuanmingyuanRemnants, the ancient Great Wall of the Silent Seabed, the beautiful goddess of freedom, to ancient Roman ruins, etc.; Hong Kong Ocean Park has more than 70 scenic spots, not only rich and colorful amusement activities, but also established a series of unique themed hotels, such as FishermanMarina Hotel, Ocean Hotel and Spa Resort Hotel, etc., can provide a very rich recreation and vacation experience.

  In custom-made fish tanks, how does a goldfish tank make landscapes?There are several methods for landscaping of goldfish tanks, such as stepped landscaping, double-sided scenery, and three-dimensional space grass tank construction.Of course, which kind of landscaping method is more suitable also needs to be decided according to the size of your fish tank, the ability of landscaping, the data of landscaping, etc.Of course, the makers of the landscape can integrate their own ideas and inventions more often, and have an unusual scenery of a goldfish tank.Custom-made fish tanks are worth noting when choosing aquatic plants. Goldfish have the habit of nibbling on aquatic plants. Therefore, some aquatic plants with fresh and slender leaves are not suitable. Instead, some aquatic plants with larger leaves can be selected.Such as crown grass, water lily, green dill, hornwort, water willow, water ficus and so on.Along with the landscaping, enough space should be reserved to meet the daily swimming needs of goldfish.Of course, the breeding density of goldfish also needs to be paid attention to, according to the space size of the fish tank after landscaping.


  The Ocean Pavilion ranges from Angkor culture, ancient Egyptian civilization, the remains of the Royal Yuanmingyuan in China, the ancient Great Wall of China on the quiet seabed, the beautiful Statue of Liberty, and the remains of ancient Rome. There are more than 70 scenic spots in Hong Kong Ocean Park.It has also built a series of distinctive themed hotels, such as Fishermans Wharf Hotel, Ocean Hotel and Spa Resort Hotel, which can provide a very rich recreation and vacation experience.In the next ten years, new formats and products of tourism will continue to emerge in the Ocean Pavilion. Special tourism products such as rural leisure, urban cultural experience, suburban vacations, and landscape leisure sports will rise rapidly. If ocean parks are to attract more tourists, they mustInnovate continuously to meet the personalization of tourists, and recreate recreational activities and methods in accordance with the requirements of "panoramic sightseeing, full experience, and consumption in the whole park".New recreational elements and cultural elements need to be injected into existing recreational activities to make them more fashionable and rich in cultural experience, such as introducing exotic cultural performing arts activities with regional cultural characteristics or high standards into the scenic area, and adding experience in the scenic areaCenter, 4D cinema and outdoor high-tech entertainment activities.

  "Beijing Yarui Marine Engineering Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "Yarui Marine") is a professional planning, design and development company for large-scale aquarium projects, which can undertake the planning, design, engineering investment and technical consulting of large-scale aquarium projects at home and abroad.service.The company investigates and understands the investment market based on investment practices, analyzes and predicts market dynamics, is responsible for preparing project proposals and feasibility study reports, and conducts investment budgets, plan creation, design and construction until the project is completed, and operations after the project is fully affirmed by the owner."One-stop service" such as management.

  In the research and development of aquarium systems and equipment in the past decade, Yarui Ocean has gradually explored its own development path and trained many professional R&D personnel.At this stage, both the special life support system of the aquarium or the life support system and equipment of large art display fish tanks and seafood storage tanks are developed by our company. The finished products have reached the advanced level in the same industry abroad and are in the industry position in the domestic market.The company firmly believes in the management concept of "talent is capital", focuses on the exploration and cultivation of talents to provide employees with broad development prospects, and establishes a good corporate culture.Now has a professional team with rich theory and practice, which can provide a series of comprehensive services for the design, construction and commissioning of various projects.Quality, the companys lifeline.


  The aquarium fish tank is a fundamentally perfect ecosystem in the fish tank that has the same vitality and invention as the forest.Aquarium water plants landscaping aquarium fish tank green water plants, beautiful and beloved fish as if enjoying in the underwater world, dont have a humor, beautiful water scenery makes many buyers coveted, become a popular fish tank species on the market.No matter how big your fish tank is, you want to appreciate the colorful corals and fish, and you want the ornamental fish in your hand to play a colorful glory in your room, then the live rock is one of the essential filtering links in your biochemical system.Algae is also necessary.

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  The use of live rock to explode algae is to use the bacteria, algae and some small crustaceans carried by the live rock to build the ecological system in the tank, establish a nitrification system and a denitrification system, and carry out a nitrogen cycle to control the nutrients of the water.The live rock burst algae needs to see whether the live rock you choose is fresh, that is, whether there are satisfied living creatures on the live rock.When choosing a living stone for a merchant, it depends on whether there are organisms in the merchants tank. There may be excess nutrients in the tank with organisms. Such a live rock can not release algae for a long time.After getting the new live rock, try to clean up the above creatures, and also remove the small crabs and mantis shrimp inside.During the live rock burst, you also need to pay attention to your increased water.If the water you add contains a lot of nutrients, you can use RO machine (a professional water equipment), pure water or low nutrient tap water to increase, but SPS (sclera coral) is necessary to use RO machine or pure water.


  The design of the aquarium landscape system has been integrated into the overall design of the building and the site from the beginning, and is an integral part of the theme of the aquarium.The construction and design of the aquarium is very different from the construction and design of other architectural projects. The construction of the aquarium requires a professional aquarium, and requires a little work experience, and is familiar with some drawings and facilities for the construction of the aquarium.In addition, the construction of the aquarium requires not only materials for general construction, but also some professional materials for the aquarium, such as acrylic plates, water circulation systems, various fish, water plants and so on.

  Theme Aquarium indoor performance field, curved wall positioning technology: the total station used has the ability to work with coordinates.For the setting out of some three-dimensional coordinates in our actual work, we can use AutoCAD to build a digital model. Use a programming calculator to simulate the test on the computer AutoCAD platform. After the test procedure is correct, we can use it for field setting out.For open-air point and line, we can try to directly use the coordinate stakeout function of the total station, input the construction coordinates of the required stakeout point into the total station, and correct operation can get the correct required point.

  The company has won the trust of the vast number of users with its strong and advanced technology production force and sincere service spirit. With the belief of "100 ships increase current, go further", the company is constantly updated in the construction and development of the project, and strives to be innovative, innovative,Unique, quality assurance, high grade, in order to achieve a leap in the projects own competitiveness.The company insists on the professional spirit of "Dare to Develop and Innovate", which makes us always stand at the forefront of industry technology.With the business philosophy of "quality first, reputation first, management first, and service sincere", Xiecheng serves customers at home and abroad.

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