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Malaysia Ideal Setup for Juv L46


Malaysia Ideal Setup for Juv L46


Ideal Setup for Juv L46

Recently just bought 5pcs of juv L46, 1-1.2" in size. Right now they are inside my 3 ft tank.. sharing this tank with 1 adult L46 and a couple of cory.
1. Any bro experience/saw adult L46 harassing juv L46 before? My worry is that the single adult L46 will start attacking them.. and worst.. eating them.
2. I let loose these juv inside the tank.. with plenty of slates/rocks/caves/DW for their hiding places. And they are hiding all the time. Should I be worried that they dont get enuf food? Never seen them eating before..
3. Should I put them in separate breeding box? or just leave them?
Here is the tank setup.
>1) L46 do fight with each other, but compared to other types of pleco, i think their kinda "fight" is very mild. Just pushing each other most of the time. lol very unlikely to eat them up.
2) I did not get to see my L46 eat for many weeks to months. Maybe you can observe from the amount of poop to judge if they are eating. After they settled down you will get the chance to see them coming out in the dark.
3) I would say just leave them and observe. should be no problem.
>Thank you bro for your input.
The problem.. my tank base is covered with small gravels.. so dont think i can observe the poop. Just afraid that they dont get enuf food.
>Icic was thinking should be able to see poop like my current setup also with gravels. Does your food disintegrate easily? I was feeding nls last time. They dont disintegrate fast and my filter is at the top of the tank, wont be clearing the left over food away. This way I manage to observe the poop replacing the food in the morning. Haha. I tried feeding zucchini to see if they are eating, but my pleco dont touch them...
>nice. u using wat filter?
>Fluval FX5. Cannot commend this filter enough. A beast
>Nice and neat setup bro.. I feed my zeb crushed hikari pellet.. U try pl some near their hidin pl.. Tink they shld b fine..
>Are u intending to use any filter?
>Personally, I would remove the corys so that I can monitor and rightly assume the food is being consumed by the L46.
In my limited experience, the L46 are extremely shy and would be the last to eat ,depending if there are any food left (after the corys and adult L46).
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