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Don kept a few money-losing Aquaculture ForumNow turtle city really did not engage in a head
======== Xianglong Aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Lanzhou sheepskin fish lovers say: there is no pig nose
Hao Ge blue curtain raised fish lovers say: beautiful
A brother Mukden fish lovers say: how to raise
juju001 aquarists said: Spectacular
Past does not smoke the fish lovers say: Assembly
Longer obediently aquarists say: What do you turtle
Angry little fish hobbyists say: This turtle are so humanity?
Strawberry statement aquarists say: not easy, refuelingngSelf-made feed$Homemade manual feed pellet machine(Video of sheep feed straw pellet machine"Homemade fish feed^Production drawing of feed pellet machine)Homemade small feed pellet machine,The principle of feed pellet press wheel:Make your own feed pellet machine1000 yuan small feed pellet machine#Buy a feed pellet machine to make feed/

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